Ernst Pharmacia: Leading Neurology Pharmaceutical Company in India, Offering Neuro Products Franchise

Ernst Pharmacia is one of the top pharma companies for neurology products & neurology pharmaceutical companies in India. The company has an immense classification of products with an impressive portfolio which depicts Tablets, Syrups, Ointments, Capsules, Injectables (Liquid/Dry), Soft Gels, Eye, Ear & Nasal drops. All kind of required certification carried by the company makes it the best pharma organization among other neurology pharmaceutical companies which depicts in offering neuro products franchise opportunity. In north India, the firm comes first in carrying a great pharma manufacturing experience which does not only deal with the domestic market but also the exports the products in foreign countries. Organisation also provides neuro products franchise & the franchise of neuropsychiatric products on a monopoly basis to the willing pharmaceutical companies.

The manufacturing units of Ernst Pharmacia (pharma companies for neurology products) are playing the manufacturing tasks by having WHO and GMP certified pharmaceutical units. The manufacturing process and the equipment, machines etc meet all standards of the quality raised by the Indian government.

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Choose Ernst Pharmacia as best Pharma Companies for Psychiatric Products

Ernst Pharmacia is a name burgeoning with a pace in the pharma companies for psychiatric products. It is considered one of the best pharmaceutical companies in India which are playing a crucial role in consolidating the health of every human being. The organization is completing the demands of the clients by providing the best of the qualities with each and every neuropsychiatric product. Being a Franchise Neuropsychiatric Company, Ernst Pharmacia is dealing with almost all sort of neuropsychiatric products & PCD pharma in neuropsychiatric but mainly it is performing the tasks for Dermatology, Gynaecology, Ortho Range, Ophthalmic, Neurology, Cardiac and Diabetic Range & pharmaceutical PPIs products etc.

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Ernst Pharmacia is a tested & trusted franchise neuropsychiatric company based in Panchkula, Haryana (India). And we are a popular name among Psychiatry PCD Companies Franchise. Any aspirant wants to be a part of the sustainable growth and outcome form the pharma business will be welcomed at the best Psychiatry PCD Company for the franchise in India. Unlike other pharmaceutical organizations, Ernst Pharmacia serves its neuropsychiatric franchise holders with a lot of facilities. The ultimate goal of arranging these kinds of systems is to provide the best quality and healthy pharmaceutical neuropsychiatric products at affordable prices.

Though our government has set inspection criteria for all pharma manufacturing units, at Ernst Pharmacia, there is an internal inception team which is responsible for all sort of checking and timely inceptions. The firm has a team specially made for franchise holders and to steer the neuropsychiatric franchise program ahead to boost the services and evolvement of the dealers. For detailed information please reach the organization through the given contact details.


Check Our Neuro Psychiatric Products List Below
1CITILITE 500 Tablet Citicoline 500mg Tablets 10*10 ALU
2CITILITE 500 Injection Citicoline Inj 500 mg 2ml dispopack 2ML AMP.
3CITILITE PLUS EXTRA Tablet Citicoline 500mg + Piracetam 800mg 10*10 ALU
4DELPREX 250 Tablet Divalproex Sodium Extended Release 250mg 10*10 ALU
5DELPREX 500 Tablet Divalproex Sodium Extended Release 500mg 10*10 ALU
6ELVITAM 500 Tablet Levetiracetam 500mg 10*10 ALU
7ELVITAM SUSP Suspension Levetiracetam 100mg per ml 100 ML
8ENERVION Tablet Gabapentin 300mg + Mecobalamin 500mcg 10*10 ALU
9ENERVION NT Tablet Gabapentin 400 mg + Nortryptiline 10*10 ALU
10FLUNERO 10 Tablet Flunarazine 10mg 10*10 ALU
11FLUNERO PLUS Tablet Propranolol HCI 40 mg + Flunarizine HCI 10 mg 10*10 BLI
12LATIRON Tablet Amitriptyline 10mg 20*10 BLI
13LATIRON PLUS Tablet Amitryptiline 12.5mg + Chlordiazepoxide 5mg 20*10 BLI
14MOZILAM Tablet Etizolam 0.5mg 20*10 BLI
15MOZILAM CZ Tablet Escitalopram 10mg & Clonazepam 0.5mg 10*10 BLI
16PIRAJOY 800 Tablet Piracetam 800mg Tablets 10*15 BLI
17PIRAJOY INJ Injection Piracetam 200mg Injection 15ML
18PIRAJOY SYP. Syrup Piracetam 500mg Syrup 60 ML. 60 ML.
19REGAVION Capsule Pregabalin 75mg + Mecobalamin 750mcg 10*10 ALU
20REGAVION NT Tablet Pregabalin 75mg + Nortryptiline 10mg 10*10 ALU
21REGAVION NT PLUS Tablet Pregabalin 75mg + Nortryptiline 10mg + Methycobalamin 1500 Mcg 10*10 ALU
22REGAVION SR Tablet Mecobalamin 1500mcg + Pregabalin 75mg Sustained Release 10*10 ALU
23VERTIFAR 16 Tablet Betahistine 16mg 10*10 ALU
24VERTIFAR 8 Tablet Betahistine 8mg 10*10 ALU
Ernst Pharmacia
Ernst Pharmacia
Ernst Pharmacia
Ernst Pharmacia