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Information About CALCORE PLUS
Calcium Citrate Maleate 500mg, Calcitriol 0.25mcg,, Zinc 7.5mg 10*1*10

For Stronger Bones

Best form of Calcium

Calcium citrate is highly soluble, and has unsurpassed absorption, does not cause gas or bloating

Prevents osteoporosis and fracture

Maternal bone loss during pregnancy or lactation might lead to osteoporosis and fracture either contemporaneously or, by reducing peak bone mass, in later life

Helps in fetal and infant growth

increased bone densities of the ulna, radius, tibia, and fibula were observed in
neonates of undernourished mothers given calcium supplements during pregnancy
Gestational Hypertension, Preedampsia
Premenstrual Syndrome
Fractures & Dislocation